妩专业的中日式正宗按摩,性感胸大服务一流!Strongly recommend this super seductive busty Hot Sexy Local Masseuse  Zara is a beautiful masseuse with ‘D’ cup neh neh. She has extremely good attitude and provide excellent massage. She is skilful in doing Chinese/Jap B2B Massage with many years experience. She can do really solid massage with good strength and techniques. She is well-trained and will give you a complete full body massage to ease all your tiredness and stress. Her massage is unique in such a way that she skillfully combined the essence of Chinese and Jap massage so that it is best for our tired and worn out body. Her massage is all rounded and covers every part of your body.

Please Call Or Text Zara @

9379 9885

Name: Zara (Local)
Age: 26
Attitude: Service Oriented & Not Time Watcher
Body: Fair & Soft Smooth Skin complexion
Boobs: 36D
Height: 162cm
Weight: 47kg
Looks: CFM, Pleasant Looking
Room: Discreet, Cozy & Clean! Stay Alone: Yes
Language:   Chinese & Simple English Smses & Calls Are Welcome
Location: Central (Potong Pasir)

Her Massage Package Includes:
[If There Is Time Restriction, You May Mix & Match The Following Services Within 60 Or 90 Mins]

Auto Roaming : 触摸全身
[Whole Body Allow But No Digging Or Fingering. Please Be Gentle]

Full body oil massage全身油推/传统按摩
[raditional Chinese massage using acupressure to stimulate meridian points. known to further enhance the body?s circulation. It improves the suppleness and flexibility of muscles which further intensifies the resilience, vigour and potency, with the use of swift and periodic strokes.]针对肩部及颈椎进行针对性治疗,是同经络,代谢毒素活血化瘀、祛风散寒、是同经脉、环节肩颈]

Body 2 Body Massage 胸部按摩
[using her soft naked body brushed against yours to give you a deeper sense of excitement and will be taken to a whole new world of ecstasy.]


Essence Oil Full Back Aromatherapy Massage 全身香精油推背 / 按摩
[Hard and Solid Massage with Essence Oil. She had been working in Massage Spa for years and have years of experience in Massaging. You can opted to try her Full body Massage with Oil or without Oil. It is up to your preference.]

Chinese Physician Fingers Massage 中医指压推拿 /全身按摩
[She is a very Experienced Masseuse who know how to apply the correct strength at the right spot to press on your back, massage you fully to soothe and relief fatigue for you.]

Lymphatic Detoxication 淋巴排毒
[She will skilfully work on your previous private part and help to stimulate the kidneys power]

Authentic Full Body Health Massage 保健按摩
[She will take care and rub every part of your body well. Ease and relieve your aches and pains It Helps To Relieve Your Aching Veins While Giving You a Relaxing Time]

Shiatsu Oil Massage 桑拿推油
[She will take care and rub every part of your body well. Ease and relieve your aches and pains]

Oil Rub 推油
[It Helps To Relieve Your Aching Veins While Giving You a Relaxing Time]

Manhood Kidney Treatment 肾部保养
[Boost Up Your Manhood, Damm Good]

Full Body Tuina 全身推拿
[She will take care and rub every part of your body well. Ease and relieve your aches and pains]

Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage 头,颈,肩部按摩
[After a Hard Day Work, Request: Let Her Work Her Way Around Your Heavy Head & Shoulder]

Sensual Breast Fxxk  感性胸交
[Feel The Stimulations of 2 Gigatic Boobs Pressing Your Dick Rubbing]

BlowJob : 口交
[Combination Of Strong & Gentle Suction With Very GOOD Tongue Skills. Her Balls Sucking Was SUPERB!]

HDLY : 海底捞月
[Have been told by many clients that she really do magic hands and her subtle strokes and touches that not only deeply relaxes you but also produces a very exciting effect at the same time.]

Skilled Zhua Gen 专业抓根
[The goal is actually not always orgasm but most will experience this as a very welcome and pleasurable side effect of the massage session.make the experience as pleasurable and as long lasting as possible and can be done with or without massage oil,depending on personal preference.helps with sexual issues-libido and premature ejaculation. ]提振性功能強壯身體活力充沛找回男人主宰的信心幸福美滿控制自如]

Skilled Zhua Gen 专业抓根
[Help to improve the blood circulation in the cock, Improve Sex Powers naturally, Prolong longer and lasting satisfying sex]

Hand Job : 打飞机
[YES, Very Sensual, with her smooth and Magical hands, within minutes you will feel like releasing your loads and shoot sky-high!]

GFE : 女朋友感
[Friendly & Approachable. She’s a Good Companionship & Worth Your Visit]

Services that She don’t provides:
FJ & Services That Are Not Mention Above.

Her Working Hours:
Daily, 11am – till late night

$100 / 60 Mins / Whole Body Massage + Head And Abdomen + 2 HandJob
$130/60min/ Full Massage+Nuru Gel B2B with Waterbed

$160 / 90 Mins / B2B +BJ + HDLY + Massage and 2 HJ

♥♥♥ Cozy Room With Massage Bed & Attached Shower Included ♥♥♥

Please Call Or Text Zara @

9379 9885