Rain( Sexy Seductive MASSEUSE)

超甜美的劲爆按摩美女,身材超棒,让你对她一见钟情!!! Rain 小雨 is a sweet looking chio babe with curvy figure. Her massage is authentic and she puts in effort to give you a good massage for to ease your tiredness. Most important an unforgettable memorable sensual massage with happy ending, with her constant teasing, you will feel like you are in cloud heaven. You will sure enjoyed the entire massage session with full relaxation and sexual sextifaction through her magic hands. She will talk dirty with you with sexy moaning while giving you a sensual HJ. So don’t miss this rare massage gem, call her NOW!!!

Please Call Or Text Rain 小雨 @: 9076 4824
Name: Rain 小雨

Note: This is a true photo representation. You get what you see. Pls reject if you see a different representation。。

地方 | Place :Central

年龄 | Age : 26 year old
体重 | Weight :44kg
胸围 | Boobs : 34 B
身高 | Height : 162m
国际 | Nationality : China
语言 | Language : 华语 Mandarin
服务 | Service

★★★ Authentic FINGER PRESS/OIL Massage [正宗油推/指压按摩]

★★★ Prostrate Maintenance [前列腺保养]

★★★ Chinese Juagen [中式抓根]

★★★ Lymphatic Detoxification [淋巴排毒]

★★★ Coin Guasha [硬币刮痧]

★★★ Back Stepping [踩背]

★★★ Back Kneeling [跪背]

★★★ Face/Head Massage [脸/头部按摩]

★★★ 69 HJ [69 式打飞机]

★★★ 99 HDLY [99 式海底捞月]

★★★ Extras- Sensual Massage[闻香指划]

套餐 1 | Package 1

$100 /按摩 +打飞机2次在60分钟内/ 包房
$100 / Massage +2 X HJ 60 mins/ Inclusive of Room

Please Respect Masseuse Services That She Don’t Do
Services Not Mentioned Above