Qian Qian ( Local Busty Master Masseuse

ღ梦幻都市ღ本地中医按摩一级按摩师ღLocal Premium First Class Masseuse Qian Qianღ

Qian Qian 倩倩 is a professional skillful masseuse with many years of massage experience and she has a extremely good attitude to serve. She is well verse in various types of massage and i can guarantee you that her massae is professional, authentic, solid hard and totally no short cut at all. The highlight of the session will be the Manhood Therapy and Jaugen which will significantly enhance your sexual intercouse experience. Personally, I think she is one of the better masseuse around, her massage is so good that I’m sure it will helps to cure all your body and muscle ache. She is offerring a full 60 and 90 minutes massage covered almost your entire body with sensual HJ, and you will walk out the place fully refreshed, rejuvenated and a Happy Man. So if you are looking for a real good deal, a good solid authentic hard massage, look no further.

倩倩是个正宗专业的中医按摩师傅,拥有丰富的按摩工作经验。她精通穴位指压,经络推拿, 跪背,舒筋,活血,肾保养,刮痧,拔火罐。她的全身按摩手法到位,力道十足,让你消除一身的疲劳和酸痛。兄 弟如果想在床上恢复男人的雄风,她绝对能够帮到 你,她的前列腺保养和抓根手法一流,保证让你恢复男人的自信。!

Please Call Or Text Qian Qian 倩倩 @ 9354 0332

Name: Qian Qian 倩倩(Local)
Age: 30s
Her Body: Busty, Fair & Curvy
Her Boobs: All Natural 36C
Her Height & Weight: 167Cm & about 50Kg
Looks: Pleasant & Friendly Looking Milf Next Door
GFE: Highly Trained Massage Techniques That Will Makes You Comfortable & Pain Relieved
Language That She Knows: Chinese Only. Sorry To Other Race Bros
Environment: Clean, Discreet & Cozy With Massage Bed
Location: East

Services That She Can Perform/Allow

☑ Authentic FINGER PRESS/OIL/JAP Massage [正宗指压/油推/日式按摩]

☑ Lymphatic Detoxification [淋巴排毒]

☑ Authentic Chinese Juagen [正宗中式抓根]

☑ Back Kneeling [跪背]

☑ Face/Head Massage [脸/头部按摩]

☑ 72 HDLY [ 72式海底捞月]

Her Massage Package Includes:
[If There Is Time Restriction, You May Mix & Match The Following Services Within 60 Or 90 Mins]

Auto Roaming : 触摸上半身
[Top Body Roaming Is Allow During Session]

Zhong Yi Meridian Oil Massage : 中医经络推油法
[Rejuvenating & Refreshing. Her Experienced Techniques Make One Feel Relax & Yearn For More!]

Zhong Yi Tuina : 中医推拿
[Experience One Of The Best Treatment/Massage That Will Let Your Body Recover In No Time! She Have Strong Massage Strength & All Acupoints Accurately Massaged!]

Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage : 头,颈,肩部按摩
[Office Workers Fall In! She Can Do Great Head Massage To Reduce Migraine & Headaches. Your Shoulder & Neck Will Loosen Up Too!]

Back Kneeling Massage : 跪背
[Balance Her Body Weight On Your Back While Using Her Knees For Massage. Simply Shoik!]

Ba Guan (Cupping Without Fire) : 拔罐或走罐
[also known as “angle method” Cupping physical stimulation and negative pressure caused by human broken capillaries, congestion, mobilize human stem cells to repair, and necrosis of blood cells absorb function, can promote blood circulation, stimulate the essence, conditioning blood to improve and regulate human immunity.]

Gua Sha : 刮痧
[traditional naturopathy , which is based on the theory of Chinese medicine skin Ministry based in the relevant parts of the skin , using tools such as horns , jade scraping swab, in order to clear the meridians, the purpose of the blood circulation . Scraping dilating capillaries , increase the secretion of sweat, promote blood circulation , due to the cold for high blood pressure , heat stroke , muscle pain, arthralgia have an immediate effect. Regular scraping, adjusted by the gas can play, relieve fatigue, increase immune function.]

Lymphatic Detoxification : 淋巴排毒
[Stimulate a Series Of Pushing Factors In One Direction To Purge Impurities Out Of Your Body]

HDLY : 海底捞月
[Let Her Tease Your Balls Playfully and Your Precious Will Rocket Sky High!]

Prostate Treatment : 前列腺保养
[Helps You To Massage The Accupoints Around Your Bladder Area To Promote Better Release Of Your Sperm]

Authentic Thai Style Juagen : 正宗泰式抓根
[The Place Where JG Origins. She Have Got The SOLID Skill & Is Highly Recommended To All Bros For Treatment Of Your Precious!]

Hand Job : 打飞机
[Fully Relax Yourself While She Perform Sensual Hand Moves On Your Precious. You May Roam The Top Of Her Body]

Benefits of Authentic Massage in Chinese as provided by Qian Qian 倩倩:
按摩是以中医的脏腑经络学为理论基础, 并结合西医的解剖和病理诊断而用手法作用于人体体表的特定部位以调节机体生理, 病体状况达到理疗目的的方法. 好处-
1: 能够全身放松,消除疲劳, 缓解压力.
2: 能够疏通经络, 加快气血循环, 保持机体的阴阳平衡.
3: 能够改善睡眠,大幅提高睡眠质量.
4: 对亚健康具有很好的康复作用.
我的按摩手法是: 刺激背部的穴位经络, 背部脊柱是主一身阳气的督脉所在, 脊柱两旁是贯穿全身的足太阳, 膀胱经, 共有53个穴位. 通过按摩可以刺激这些穴位起到疏通经气, 促进气血运行, 振奋阳气, 养心安神, 活血通络, 平衡阴阳, 调和五脏六腑的功能, 从而达到阴阳平衡, 健康长寿的作用.

Services that She don’t provides:
FJ & Services That Are Not Mention Above.

Her Working Hours:
Daily From 10.30am (First Slot) – 9.30pm (Last Slot)
Please Take Note That She Does Not Take Bros After 10pm

$100/One Massage Package With One HandJob/60 Mins

$150/One Massage Package With Two HandJobs/90 Mins

♥♥♥ Cozy Room With Massage Bed & Attached Shower Included ♥♥♥


CERTIFY By DreamzAngel
SOME REPORT for Qian Qian 倩倩 posted by fellow Bros.

Originally Posted by shiroi
My first MR.

I always just browe the forum and go for HC or massage without writing any MR.

This is my first MR as I feel she deserve the good rating.

Place – outside seem rundown but when you walk in the room you will feel relax.

Look 6/10 – MILF, well I dun really mind the look since I will lie down and enjoy her touch
Neh Neh 6/10 – Big and soft but sagged. Still nice to teh hee hee.
Massage 9/10 – Oil massage , I feel is good but maybe I opt for the 1 hrs session thats why din press my leg.
JG 9/10 – Great ,she use around 10-15 min for that . Not like others press abit like 2 min then HJ liao.
HDLY 8/10 – Put some oil and go thru ur crack butt. I enjoy but she do this first then proceed to JG then HJ. Maybe next time I request JG first then HDLY and HJ
HJ – 8/10 – I rate 8 is becoz while HJ with me she also help to lip abit of my nippple and play with my crack butt which will make me quite high.
RTF – YES but i guess will be hard to book since so many good rating =D

If others got good contact like this type , do share with me . At this moment I do not have any contact for myself but will try out other gem and share with the bros here. I do have 1 contacts but that is share by my fren so I wun use it to share with others.

Originally Posted by Greenfrog
I guess her massage is the correct blend of skill and strength. and she claims she hasn’t exert her full strength.

She looks pleasant and room is clean too.

Spend about 90 bucks for an hour. RTM :yes when i am sore and tired

Originally Posted by Hitman
My favorite masseuse is back! Qian Qian 倩倩 is always high on my ‘must visit every week’ list.

A lovely lady who can massage and is able to do a decent JG job. The way leading to her new place might be a bit run-down, but once you get past that and go into the room, it will be a sold 1.5 hours of massage, JG and HJ that is truly enjoyable.

Highly recommended!

Originally Posted by francesco
Visited her recently, my review :

Looks = milf
Bods = should be c cup but saggy, didn’t look fat
Attitude = friendly, chat-able
Roaming = north only
Jg = Thai style, ok
hdly = ok
Massage = tuina style, indeed RECOMMENDED!
Hj = oily, ok
Head massage = ok
shower = after finished only
return? = maybe, kiv

Originally Posted by 995fire
Thanks TS. Just finished a session with Qian Qian 倩倩.

My review:
A gem for those in massage n JG.
Very solid. MUST TRY N no regret.

Originally Posted by 222nge
Hv a wonderful massage/JG session.
She is an average looking MILF but packed with rather powerful massage skill.Here are my brief ratings:

Looks:6.2/10,average decent looking MILF
Body:7.0/10,quite slim,consider quite good for her age
Boobs:7.0/10,nice “B”
Massage:8.5/10,strong and skillful
JG:8.0/10,quite good
RTM:yes,when I need a good rub

She is highly suitable for massage lover

Originally Posted by gl33
Massage:9/10,good strength.
JG: authentic stuff,she really knows her stuff, 9/10
HJ,HDLY: slow and sensual with oil..very skilful,9/10

Autoroam allowed.
Bathes you and offers you a good cuppa tea after all.

Not for syt lovers.

Thanks ts.

Very very good massage!

Originally Posted by Booker
Made an appointment to try out Qian Qian 倩倩 massage as some of the contacts I gotten were fully booked.

Confirmed booking and make my way to destination. Greeted by Qian Qian 倩倩 in her sexy outfit.
Stripped, went for a bath and get started.

She does know her job well and its good hard massage that ease the aches on my shoulder and neck area. During the massage, we constantly engaged in chit-chat, doesn’t take long to break the ice.

After the massage, abit of teasing and HDLY. Turned over and start the JG, not too bad too. Once the JG is done, proceed with final action with auto-roamed and ended the session with a shower.

Overall a value for money massage akin to going to those TN shop but with more privacy and quality.

Look: 6/10 – MILF but still has some charm
Body: 7/10 – Well maintained with a bit of tummy
Boobs: 7.5/10 – A handful with responsive nipples
Massage: 8/10 – Lots of elbow works, thus its hard massage. Managed to loosen my body of the aches.
HJ with HDLY teasing: 7/10 – the teasing builds up the tempo
RTM: Yes… With the price similar to that of most TN shops, this is a better option.

Thanks TS for the contact. Good gem!!!

Originally Posted by SubmissiveLove
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED massage and JG session by Qian Qian 倩倩.
Had a very enjoyable session withQian Qian 倩倩.
Powerful massage and skillful juagen.
Nice personality and attitude.
RTM: YES. Value for money with room
Originally Posted by Todtan
Manage to fix an appointment with Qian Qian 倩倩. She has been very busy lately as her schedule is really tight.

The place is quite easy to locate with ample parking space if you drive. ( No need to look for car park and no parking fees as well as no need to worry about carpark attendant.

The room is very cosy and nice ambience with attached shower. Full of sweat and had a good shower. Clean towel and clean toilet!

After the shower, lay down and she started her massage. She really has magical and soothing hands that can soothen your aches and sore away. S he is quite an attractive lady with a good figure. Dress in red skirt, she can be a killer at first look and in no time was I hardened. Her JG was really out of this world!Yes! autoroaming is allowed somemore! How not to cum! I did in record time but for $100 is a real bargain! Good Massage, Good JG and somemore can satisfy your lustful urge. Definitely will be back for more!

Originally Posted by melikemsg
I’ve known her since she started her trade under another TS. Anyway here’s my humble MR on Qian Qian 倩倩:

Location: Less convenient from her previous place under another TS, butfor the good massage, why not? A bus ride fr the nearest MRT Station will get you there. Takes about 5mins. Ample parking space.

Room: had some reservations on the room looking at the old exterior, but man, the room is huge! Massage is done on the massage bed.

Sheets and towels were all very clean, as usual. No musky smell, which can be a turn-off sometimes.

1st shot: Qian Qian 倩倩 gave me a HJ before i headed in for a shower. Love her light touches and how she lovingly handled my tool. Didi gave in after a nonexistent struggle and into the shower i went. Then she started her massage.

Massage: Technique and strength are very good. Still the best as always. Her technique of using her knees to release the stress from the back muscles is very good. Left me sore for 2 days but feels good than to spend money on piano massage and then the soreness comes back and all…

HDLY: as good as always… wished it would last longer but alas… that’s not the main point isn’t it?

JG: Qian Qian 倩倩 was the one who got me started on JG. Still as good as ever. 9/10

2nd shot: lovingly handles your tool and lets you suck and fondle her nipples… and then the little soldiers came out riding on white waves…

Wash-up: she would then lather shower gel on you and lovingly wash you up.

A very nice and hardworking lady. She is so popular that it has become very hard to get a booking. But happy for her anyway!

In conclusion:
Looks: 7 (MILF; she did her hair somewhat. Or was it because i hadnt visited her for a while??)
Massage: 9.5 (good technique, strength)
JG: 9 (great technique)
HDLY: 9.5 (lovely!)
HJ: 8 (generally ok)
Damage: $150/1.5hrs
RTM: Yes, when the other MLs cannot settle my rock hard… errr… back.

Originally Posted by henpeckedsgman
Promised to write a FR for this gem of a MILF

Just had a relaxing 1 1/2 hours with Qian Qian 倩倩. Her massage is really soothing for me. I fell asleep when she is doing my back. But she woke me up when she did her HDLY on me. It is to die for.

Looks:7/10 (Pretty looking, Her looks will grow on you. She has a hearty laughter as well)
Body:7.0/10 (Slim and taut)
Boobs:6/10 (Size “B”. Would have prefer bigger.)
Massage:9.5/10 (Only 1 word “POWER”)
JG:8.0/10 (She takes her time doing this for me. Make sure that my pipe is cleared after which follows by a HJ which I exploded powerfully)
Attitude: 9/10 (she made me feel very comfortable)
RTM: YES but of course

She is highly suitable for massage lover

Originally Posted by dkls22
Has a seeson with her today.
Looks : 7/10 Milf Look
Massage : 8/10
JG : Really decent and good 9/10
Excellent service attitude will reture very soon.
Originally Posted by 30bear

Have a session with Qian Qian 倩倩 The place was discreet and easy to find with car parking lot available inside the compound.

Was professional and not answering any calls except for one or two customers doing booking (but the duration is short).

Her massage was superb and hard (love the massage as I love hard massage). I can said 9/10.

For JG, this is the first time I using the Thai JG. Different from others that I have tried. Really go into the G of the JG part. Really stimulating. She will explain the Thai JG to you before she start. Btw, the JG, the little brother will not be stimulated as she said it would be difficult to find the G. I should think the JG deserved a 8.5/10.

Then come the HJ part. She allow auto roam top and let you kiss the boobs. She will reciprocate with kissing your nibs and also you can french kiss her. Experience in kissing.

Lastly, she round off with a shower by soaping you (not showering with you). I only opt for the 1 X HJ instead of 2 (can do in the shower).

Overall I am happy with her performance and think she deserved a 9/10.

Originally Posted by bobs48
Have not done a MR before but felt that this Gem deserve a special mention, all that had been mentioned about her is true. She doesn’t watch time and would make sure that she had served you well for your every visit. Thank you for your care and pampering.
Your regular.
Originally Posted by Onebadmove
Surfing sammyboy to look for some good massage and came across Qian Qian 倩倩 advertisement.Having read so many good reviews from customers and decided to try it as my whole body is aching all over.Manage to secure a booking after a few attempts.She doesnt have many timeslot available so business must be good – another sign that the service offered must be good!Her place has Shelter parking so no
Need to worry about car park attendant and the hot sun.Knock on the door and was greeted by a pleasant lady dress in night gown – very sexy!Was ushered into her room.The room was nicely decorated and there was a nice aroma.Nice quiet environment to relax and enjoy! As it was a hot day, I decided to take a shower.After the shower, felt very relax and comfortable and was told to lie on thr massage bed.She started her massage and I think I never regret coming. This lady knows her job well. Her hands were really soothing to the touch. She knows where are my trouble spots and she wad spot on in addressing all my aching problems. You guys must try her out. The best i have tried so far.Was told to flip over, was told about the extra menu. I asked her if she can do juagen as with age our sexual performance is somehow affected.She said no problem as she had learn from a thai sifu on this technique. She started massaging around my groin area and pressing on the veins to unclot my vessel.There was this tinkling feeling but it felt really good!A lot of the girls say they know juagen but turn out to be hand job. But hers will really different. MUST TRY! Well being sexually aroused by her touch and dressing,I requested for her to clear my rifle. She allowed me to roam her breast which was nice to the touch while she simulate my manhood to stand at attention.After caressing her for a while,i finally came!It was really good!!Paid her and bade good bye. Will be back soon and it was really good and value for money!
Originally Posted by kaiwen
Have a session with her on last Thursday morning.
Location: Easy to locate, within walking distance to bus stop
Environment: Cosy, with bathroom attached
Session: I asked for 90 minutes

Massage: No piano type. I enjoyed her fingers do the talking! She wears a black nightie, no big boobs but look seductive. And she don’t talk unnecessary, she want you to enjoy her massage.

HDLY: HDLY deadly done. While stroking me when I am in the prong position, she used her fingers to caress on my buttocks and my manhood. This has sent me over the roof!

JuaGen/ HJ: I must say her JuaGen is good. She learnt from a Thai master, I asked. She started to hands on my balls. She started on my left ball and then the right one. She said there is a Gen which leads to the kidney to enhance sexual capabilities. At first, I worried I might feel pain but no pain. And after that, I realized that my didi already Marikita. I felt buay tahan already! Imagine a pair of soft hands massaging/caress your balls. Shiok!
And then, followed by HJ. I moved my hand underneath her, touched her buttock. Guess what, she worn Gstring. I slowly move my hand up to her breast, it was soft and her nipple had hardened. She asked me to take off her nightie and revealed her neh neh to me. Buay tahan, after 5 mins, my entire bullet released.

Shower: After massage, she soaped me all over my body, front and back, arms and legs. The best is she soap and cleaned my tool also. I felt so shioked, like a small boy being taken care of.

Final Vedict: 90 minutes well spent. Good massage, good attitude, Good Service & is value for money.

Originally Posted by Jabba View Post
Booked a session today.The location is not difficult to find and has private parking so need not have to worry about car park warden.

Started by taking a shower first and proceed to lie down on the massage bed.Sheets and towels are all very clean with no musky smell.

Massage technique and strength are very good.Still the best as always.Love her light touches.She lovingly handkes your tool and ket you suck and fondle her nipples.At the end,she will then lather shower gel on you and lovingly wash you up.

Final verdict: 90 minutes well spent.Good massage,good attitude,good service and is value for money.

Originally Posted by Todtan View Post
Make an appointment to try out Qian Qian 倩倩 .Confirmed booking and make my way to the destination.Greeted by Qian Qian 倩倩 in her sexy red outfit.Stripped,went for a bath and get started.

She does know how to massage as you can tell straight away.Very organise in her massage technique.She is able to ease the aches on my body and neck area.Turn over ,she started the JG.Once the JG is done,proceed with the final action with auto roaming and ended the session with another shower.

Overall,a value for money massage but privacy and quality.

Look :6/10 MILF but still got the charm
Body: 6/10 Well maintained
Boobs: 7/10 A handful with very sensible nipples.
Massage:9/10 very good,enjoy every moment
HJ : 7/10 very good with her sensous touch that builds up the tempo
RTM: Yes. Worth every penny

Thanks TS for the good lobang

Originally Posted by Mmind View Post
Originally Posted by Onebadmove View Post
She has got the aurora of class in thecway she carried herself which i find very arousing and attractive. She is tall with nice figure.

One of the best massage i had encountered,very professional in her customer service.She is not a time watcher.Your money is well spent.As my back muscle was very tight,she uses her hands and knees to unknot them.She varies her strength according to ur needs and it eas really mind blowing and soothing.

Proceed with the JG which she patiently traced and popped all the veins around the scrotum.It felt a bit uncomfortable but still bearable.After the JG, i opted for the HJ which was very sensual and erotic.I guess she knows how to please a man.

Finally shot all and got a good workout.

what an unforgetable experience!

Originally Posted by Unbelieveable View Post
Decided to link up her upon seeing good reviews from samster who tried her.After a few failed attempy,I managed to secure a time slot.Her place is discreet and there are ample car parks.

I came with high expectations due to her reputation.Was guided to her apartment.Door opened and standing in front of me is a pleasant looking milf. She was in a night dress.I was ushered into her room and was told to take a bath before the massage.Her room is nicely decorated and smell of aroma.Felt fresh after the bath and lay on the massage bed.I can only say that her massage is really one of the best!Good strength,technique and she was able to apply the right pressure to the sore areas.

Next comes the JG,which is also her forte.Hers is not a HJ but n authentic method.Her tecnique involves rubbing the veins around the scrotum area to clear the coke.You can feel a funny sensation.At certain time,she can make ur didi.hard and soft which is really amazing.

After the JG,i opted for the HJ.She allowed me to strip her top exposing her two huge melon which is really good for the touch.I managed to convince her to suck her melons which was really good.I can tell that she is enjoying it by the sound if her moaning.My hands were roaming her all over.She has a.nice butt to carass.Before long,i unloaded all my soldiers.

Took another bath,paid her and left a happy man!

Originally Posted by lexus69 View Post
Had a session with Qian Qian 倩倩; was the last for the day.
Nice apartment and able to park in the compound.
Massage was really good, hard yet soothing and comfortable.
Flip over for her juagen; a bit of niggling pain but bearable.
This is followed by sensuous caressing of the balls and manhood.
Lower her nightie to expose her boobs. A big sagging but real stuff.
Could not help but tasted her nipples while moving my hands under to finger her.
She moaned, I gasping for air and moaning and exploded … intense !
Overall great massage, good attitude, good service, real value for money.
And before and after the session, she actually help soaped and clean you up just like a mummy cleaning up a boy