Na Na ( Sexy Pretty Masseuse)

NaNa is a sexy pretty high GFE Masseuse that does Good Authentic Massage, she has years experience in this field and she put in alot of effort to ensure that you will benefit from it. And when the way she HJ you is so different from other is Just like your GF doing it for you the Feeling is so good. So bros looking for a good massage, a good knead, a good happy Ending and nice GF feeling . She is the one to look for!!!

Name: NaNa
Age: 30
Attitude: Very Friendly, Skillful & Professional
Body: Tall, Slim & Sexy
Boobs: Natural & Soft 38D
Height: 163cm
Weight: 50kg
Looks: Attractive Model Height. Sexy OL Look
Language: Chinese SMSes or Calls only
Location: Central

24hrs Service 24小时服务


★ Massage: Authentic 3 years experience (有2年经验正宗指压/油推按摩)

★Sensation Boobs Massage (波推)

★ Face/Head Massage (脸/头部按摩)

★Back Stepping/ Back Kneeling: Back Kneeling for harder massage (踩背/跪背)

Prostate Management (前内线保养)

★Chinese JuaGen: (抓跟)

★69HJ: (69 式打飞机)

★99 HDLY (99 式海底捞月)

★Location: Town area 市区

★ Damages( Include Rm 包房)
♡All other services please discuss with her face to face 其他服务面对面和她商量♡
●$40. 1hr 小时, massage 按摩
●$100. 1hr 小时, massage 按摩 with Juagen & HJ 包括挂根和打飞机

★Contact: 81244201