Miko ( Local Hot Sexy Masseuse)

ღ梦幻都市ღ本地特有按摩师ღLocal Premium Busty OL Masseuse Miko ღ

Gentlemen, DA Strongly recommend this Local Busty OL MASSEUSE.Looking for a real solid massage? The best Famous massage in singapore MARKET ! SHE is a highly qualified masseuse with with excellent NO HORSE RUN service! She has more than 5 years massage experience and she will give you a 100% AUTHENTIC SHIATSU MASSAGE & OIL RUB. She will massage your whole body from head to toe with her expert hands! She can give a HARD & POWERFUL massage or you can tell her to vary the strength to your liking..she will rejuvenate your manhood and make you a man once again
寻找一个真正的按摩师?红牌按摩师。新加坡名气很好的按摩师!她是一位高素质的女按摩师!她拥有超过5年的 按 摩经验,她会给你一个100%正规指压按摩及推油。她使用专业手法按摩你的整个身体从头部到脚 趾。还可以跟 着你的要求使用不同的力度按摩。。令你重振雄风

[Miko, The Professional & Skillful ZhongYi Masseuse] ♥ Let Your Body HEAL With This Pretty ZhongYiShi 推拏师 ♥

Name: Miko
Age: 29
Attitude: Very Friendly & Adds On That Beautiful Smile To Brighten Your Day
Body: Slim, Fair & Busty
Boobs: 36C, Natural & Pinkish Tits!
Height: 163cm
Weight: 48kg
Looks: Beautiful & Have The Local Ladies’ Look. She Is Qualified To Be Brought Out To Attending Events
Room: Discreet, Cozy & Clean!
Language: Chinese Or English Text & Calls Are Welcome
Location: East

Services That She Can Perform/Allow


☑ Mo Sha [Full Body Scrub with Mo Sha Gao Mo] : 磨砂膏磨
☑ Authentic ZhongYi Tuina : 正宗中医推拿
☑ Whole Body Shiatsu [Finger Press Massage] : 全身指压
☑ Kidney Therapy : 肾保养
☑ Jua Gen/HandJob : 抓根/打飞机
What Services Will She Provides:
[You May Mix & Match The Following Services Within 60 Or 90 Mins/以下项目可以选]
Auto Roaming : Upper Body Allow
[You Will Be Allow To Caress Her Upper Body During The Session]
Alishan Bean Bag : 阿里山无敌冰火
[As Shown In The Pic, This Bean Bag Will Be Soak In Hot Water Before She Give Your Back a Good Rub To Cure Fatigue! HIGHLY Effective!]
Mo Sha : 磨沙
[Exfoliating & Refreshing Of Your Body Using 膏磨]
Whole Body Oil Massage/Shiatsu : 全身油推/指压
[Whole Body Massage With Mineral Oil Combine With Finger Press Massage]
Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage : 头,颈,肩部按摩
[After a Hard Day At Work, Request & Let Her Work Her Way Around Your Heavy Head & Shoulder]
Kidney Massage : 肾保养
[Prolong Treatment Keeps Your Kidney Functioning & Healthy!]
Badminton Style Massage : 羽毛式按摩
[A Special Technique Named By Her That Will Be Performed To Increase Your Arousal & To Bring Pleasure To You. Simply Nice!]
HDLY : 海底捞月
[Performing Erotic Hand Movement On Your Precious & Balls. Shoik!]
Juagen : 抓根
[Your Manhood Treatment To Promote Better Sexual Life]
Hand Job : 打飞机
[You Got To Release Your Hot Cream After All The Teasing. Lay Down & Let Her Do It For You]
[Remarks : Touching of Upper Body is Allow During The Service and Other Intimacy Depends On Your Chemistry With Her]
What She Don’t Do:
Fuck Job & Other Services Not Listed Above

Cost for Massage

$100/One Massage Package With TWO HandJobs/60 Mins

$150/FULL Massage Package With TWO HandJobs/90 Mins

»»» Cozy Room & Massage Bed Included «««

Her ☎ : 8381 4597

Kindly note that She will usually not answer any phone call or read any
incoming SMSes during the session to ensure that every customer is
receiving an uninterrupted TOP SERVICE session.Do send her another SMS/CALL if she did not reply your SMS/phone call after
1-2hrs. Hope to have your understanding on this. Thanks!