Miko ( Local Hot Sexy Masseuse)

ღ梦幻都市ღ本地特有按摩师ღLocal Premium Busty OL Masseuse Miko ღ

Gentlemen, DA Strongly recommend this Local Busty OL MASSEUSE.Looking for a real solid massage? The best Famous massage in singapore MARKET ! SHE is a highly qualified masseuse with with excellent NO HORSE RUN service! She has more than 5 years massage experience and she will give you a 100% AUTHENTIC SHIATSU MASSAGE & OIL RUB. She will massage your whole body from head to toe with her expert hands! She can give a HARD & POWERFUL massage or you can tell her to vary the strength to your liking..she will rejuvenate your manhood and make you a man once again
寻找一个真正的按摩师?红牌按摩师。新加坡名气很好的按摩师!她是一位高素质的女按摩师!她拥 有超过5年的 按 摩经验,她会给你一个100%正规指压按摩及推油。她使用专业手法按摩你的整个身体从头部到脚 趾。还可以跟 着你的要求使用不同的力度按摩。。令你重振雄风


Hi I am Miko(大家好我是Miko)
Age: 29
Attitude: Very Friendly & Adds On That Beautiful Smile To Brighten Your Day
Body: Slim, Fair & Busty
Boobs: 36C, Natural & Pinkish Tits!
Height: 163cm
Weight: 48kg
Looks: Beautiful & Have The Local Ladies’ Look. She Is Qualified To Be Brought Out To Attending Events
Room: Discreet, Cozy & Clean!
Language: Chinese Or English Text & Calls Are Welcome
Location: Sophia Road

Services That She Can Perform/Allow

☑ Mo Sha [Full Body Scrub with Mo Sha Gao Mo] : 磨砂膏磨

☑ Authentic ZhongYi Tuina : 正宗中医推拿

☑ Whole Body Shiatsu [Finger Press Massage] : 全身指压

☑ Kidney Therapy : 肾保养

☑ Jua Gen/HandJob : 抓根/打飞机

Her Massage Package Includes:
[If There Is Time Restriction, You May Mix & Match The Following Services Within 60/90 Mins]

Auto Roaming : Upper Body Allow
[You Will Be Allow To Caress Her Upper Body During The Session]

Alishan Bean Bag : 阿里山无敌冰火
[As Shown In The Pic, This Bean Bag Will Be Soak In Hot Water Before She Give Your Back a Good Rub To Cure Fatigue! HIGHLY Effective!]

Mo Sha : 磨沙
[Exfoliating & Refreshing Of Your Body Using 膏磨]

Whole Body Oil Massage/Shiatsu : 全身油推/指压
[Whole Body Massage With Mineral Oil Combine With Finger Press Massage]

Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage : 头,颈,肩部按摩
[After a Hard Day At Work, Request & Let Her Work Her Way Around Your Heavy Head & Shoulder]

Kidney Massage : 肾保养
[Prolong Treatment Keeps Your Kidney Functioning & Healthy!]

Badminton Style Massage : 羽毛式按摩
[A Special Technique Named By Her That Will Be Performed To Increase Your Arousal & To Bring Pleasure To You. Simply Nice!]

HDLY : 海底捞月
[Performing Erotic Hand Movement On Your Precious & Balls. Shoik!]

Juagen : 抓根
[Your Manhood Treatment To Promote Better Sexual Life]

Hand Job : 打飞机
[You Got To Release Your Hot Cream After All The Teasing. Lay Down & Let Her Do It For You]

[Remarks : Touching of Upper Body is Allow During The Service and Other Intimacy Depends On Your Chemistry With Her]

To Book Call or SMS Me (预约打电话或发信息我)@ 8381 4597

Fixed Rate For Incall Only ( 定价)

$100/One Massage Package With TWO HandJobs/60 Mins
$150/FULL Massage Package With TWO HandJobs/90 Mins

Totally Off Limits (绝对不提供的服务)

Services That Are Not Mention Above.
Other Initmate Actions Depend On Your Chemistry With Her.