Ella(Hot Busty Masseue)

妩媚动人超正点大波辣妹,给你超享受的按摩,难忘的回忆!!!,顶尖的按摩,超激情的服务,让你无法抗拒! !!!

Gentlemen, Strongly recommend this super hot masseuse with awesome 100% natural huge & heavy Huge melons! She is a professional Masseuse who is well trained and has more than 3 years experienced. Her massage is solid with good skills and techniques. She has good knowledge and is well verse on the various part of acupoints on our body, and she will make use of her massage techniques and skills to give you the best massage. Her speciality is Faical, Head Massage, Full Body Oil Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Massage. I can guarantee that her massage is able to ease all your body-ache. She can do really good 抓根, and it will helpes to improve the blood circulation and enhance of your sexual life. For bros that are in need of a good massage, a good knead & rub to ease your tiredness and painful body, she is the one to look for!!! So what are you waiting for, call her NOW to make an appointment. Ella is a HJ EXPERT and she can jerked you off with amazing skills with her Wonderful HAND while You can groped and sucked her big juicy tits Which is mUCH more shiok than DOIN SEX!
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Note: This is a true photo representation. You get what you see. Pls reject if you see a different representation。。

Please Call Or Text Ella @
+65 9086 7701

Name: Ella
Age: 28
Attitude/GFE: Friendly, Sweet & Customer Oriented
Body: Fair & Busty
Boobs: All Natural & Soft 36C
Height: 1.60cm
Weight: 45kg
Look: Sweet CFM Masseuse That You Confirm Like
Language: Please Call Or Text In Chinese Only
Location: Central-Novena Area

Services That She Can Perform/Allow

☑ Authentic massage/正规按摩

☑ Fingers Press Massage /指压按摩

☑ Head, Neck & shoulder massage/头,颈和肩部按摩

☑ Boobs Massage/胸推

☑ body Oil massage/油推

☑ Gua Sha/刮痧

☑ kneeling massage/跪背

☑ Stepped massage/踩背

☑ Prostate care /前列腺保养

☑ Lymphatic detoxification/淋巴排毒

☑ Juage/抓根

☑ Boobs Fuck/乳交

☑ 72-style HDLY/72式海底捞月

☑ 69-Style Hand job/69式打飞机

Her Massage Package Includes:

Auto Roaming 触摸上半身:
〖Upper Body Roaming Is Allow. Elsewhere Depends On Chemistry〗

Whole Body Oil Massage/Shiatsu 全身推油/油压:
〖Whole Body Rub Down With Oil Combine With Finger Press Massage. Provides a Soothing & Relaxing Effect〗

Chinese Style Massage/Shiatsu 专业中式按摩和指压:
〖Hardworking & Diligent. A Non Painful Yet Focuses On Deep Tissue Massage Which Helps Clear Your Aching Body〗

Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage 头,颈,肩部按摩:
〖After a Hard Day At Work, Request & Let Her Work Her Way Around Your Heavy Head & Shoulder〗

Lymphatic Detoxification 淋巴排毒:
〖Focus On Pushing Factors In One Direction Which Helps Purge Impurities Out Of Your Body〗

Back Stepping & Kneeling Back Massage 踩背 和 跪背:
〖Either Step On Your Back Or Use Her Knee To Massage Your Back〗

Coin Guasha 硬币刮痧:
〖Multiple Scrub On Your Back Using a Coin To Help Purge Coldness & Impurities〗

Boobs Massage 性感胸推:
〖Enjoy The Heavenly Sensual Teasing Treatment After a Good Massage!〗

Boobs Fxxk 乳胶:
〖Insert Your Previous In-between Her Boobies For a Sensation Boobs Rub!〗

Authentic Thai/Chinese Juagen 正宗中泰试抓根:
〖She Pretty Good In This. Authentic & It’s Not Touch & Go Type. She Can Really Grab Your Vein & Give a Great Boost To Your Manhood!〗

72 HDLY 72式海底捞月:
〖Yes! Be Prepared To Experience Varies Pose Of Balls Teasing & Massage That Will Get You SOLID Hard In No Time!〗

69 HandJob 69式打飞机:
〖One Of The Best That You Would Ever Try! She Know How To Tease & Provide You With The ULTIMATE Gf Feel!〗

GFE 女朋友感:
〖Friendly, Polite & Service Oriented Masseuse〗

Services that She don’t provides:
FJ & Services That Are Not Mention Above.

Her Working Hours:
Daily From 11.00am – till late night


$60 / 正宗超爽爽的抓根在30分钟内


S$80/One Massage Package With One HandJob/60 Mins

$80 / 全身按摩 +1次打飞机在60分钟内


SGD 150/One Massage Package+BM+Boobs FxxK + Two x HandJobs/90 Mins

$150 / 全身按摩+胸推+胸交+打飞机两次在90分钟内

♥♥♥ Cozy Room With Massage Bed & Attached Shower Included ♥♥♥

Please Call Or Text Ella @

+65 9086 7701