GiGi (Local Sexy Busty Masseuse)

Calling all massage lover!!! She is a professional pretty masseuse with a pair of beautiful boobs. She does authentic Chinese & Shiatsu massage and she skillfully combined them to ensure you benefit from it. She has few years of massage experience and her skills are solid with good techniques and strength. She knows exactly where to press and apply the right amount of pressure, making sure that your stiff bones and stiff muscles are loose. She will arouse and stimulate your dick with her breast and When she sees your dick erected, she will strip topless, massage your dick with her breasts and allow you to breast fuck her until you shoot all your hot cum on her breast. Her sensual HJ is also so stimulating and under her magical hand, you will definitely shoot in no time. Her Stimulated SEX is a die die must try, and it feels better than real sex. So don’t miss this sexy masseuse .


Please Call Or Text GiGi @

9391 9799

Name: GiGi [Local]
Age: 27
Attitude: Service Oriented, Professional & Is Friendly
Body: Slim & Super Busty!
Boobs: Natural & Soft 34C
Height: 1.65cm
Weight: 49kg
Look: Pretty & Attractive Babe
Room: Discreet, SUPER Cozy, Pretty & Clean!
Language: Chinese and Simple English Text & Calls Are Welcome
Location: Central



Services That She Can Perform/Allow

☑ Authentic FINGER PRESS/OIL/JAP Massage [正宗指压/油推/日式按摩]

☑ Boobs Massage [波推]

☑ Lymphatic Detoxification [淋巴排毒]

☑ Authentic Chinese Juagen [正宗中式抓根]

☑ Back Kneeling [跪背]

☑ Face/Head Massage [脸/头部按摩]

☑ 69 HJ [69 式打飞机]

☑ 72 HDLY [ 72式海底捞月]

Her Massage Package Includes:
[If There Is Time Restriction, You May Mix & Match The Following Services Within 60/90 Mins]
Auto Roaming : 触摸全身
[Whole Body Roam Allow But Please Be Gentle]

Mo Sha : 磨沙
[Exfoliating & Refreshing Of Your Body Using Ginger Salt & Milk Cream. Good Stuff!]

Whole Body Oil Massage : 全身推油

[Circulate Good Blood Flows. Soothing & Relaxing]

Chinese Style Massage/Shiatsu : 中式按摩/指压 ☆☆☆☆☆
[Good Strength With Accuracy In Hitting The Right Spot. No Short Cut & Is Hard Working]

Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage : 头, 颈, 肩部按摩 ☆☆☆☆☆
[She Can Perform Very Good Head & Shoulder! Enjoy Yourself After a Hard Day At Work!]

Kneeling Back Massage : 跪背
[Use Her Knees To Massage Your Back. Feel Her Power & Total Relaxation After This]

Gua Sha : 刮痧
[Perform Scraping Therapy On Your Body To Help Detoxify Your Body & Relieve Pain]

Catbath & Boobs Massage : 慢游加胸推
[She Will Suck Your Tits To Make You Aroused & Feel The POWER Of Her Boobs Giving You a Good Rub Down!]

JuaGen : 抓根
[Able To Press The Acupoints Around Your Precious The Right Way! This Is Truly a Great Manhood Treatment]

HDLY : 海底捞月
[Varies Hands Technique & Movement On Your Precious & Balls]

Hand Job : 打飞机 ☆☆☆☆☆
[Roam Her Boobies & Body While She Lay By Your Side & Give You a HandJob! Wish You Cum More Than Usual]

GFE : 女朋友感
[She Is a Good Companion Who Make Sure Your Time & Money Well Spent! Best Is She’s Not a Time Watcher]

Services that She don’t provides:
Services That Are Not Mention Above.
Other Initmate Actions Depend On Your Chemistry With Her.

S$100/60mins/2x HJ Inclusive Of Room

$100 / 全身按摩 +2次打飞机在60分钟内/ 包房


SGD 150/ Full Body Massage +2x HJ 90 mins/ Inclusive of Room

$150 / 全身按摩 +2次打飞机在90分钟内/ 包房

♥♥♥ ULTRA Cozy Room With Massage Bed Included ♥♥♥